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+ 509 36 50 8085
15 A, Rue Pierre Sully
Delmas 19, Haiti

Our Values

Our value statement shows what we believes in. It’s the backbone which can be referred back to as context for what to do next, how to act, and so on.


We aspire to become the Icon of Medical health educa- tion with many aspects that compose a human being, not only for Haitian people because we started in Haiti first, but it can aspire health, knowledge, force, help, peace, awareness, humanity. All those concept are the key for the survival evolution of the humanity.


CareGivers provide knowl- edge from medical, psychological, psy- chiatric, the mind body concept that are the base of the structure, however we are continue to provide other form of health, and first aid knowledge by work- shop, seminar training session so that the people will be educate, train to save their life and others and reach an ad- vanced state of conscious that medical school or other college do not teach.

Get Involved

What we propose to our participant it is certainly a diffusion of knowledge by education, training, workshop, seminars, de- bates, etc centered to a fundamental concept “Life” How we can use the knowledge that we have to save life by using an- other concept “Holism”.