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Mission / Vision

CareGivers / Mission / Vision


We aspire to become the Icon of Medical health educa- tion with many aspects that compose a human being, not only for Haitian people because we started in Haiti first, but it can aspire health, knowledge, force, help, peace, awareness, humanity. All those concept are the key for the survival evolution of the humanity.

The humanity constantly in a process of evolution practi- cally elusive at a level of complexity CareGivers aspire to be an organization that educate, train, provide knowledge that all societies will needs, to evolved on this society that’s promise to be dehumanized day after day and after years, make the holistic health education of the popula- tions it is way that we are sure will help to survive in the future, this is CareGivers for a healthy world.

CareGivers successful depends of the participants, its depends of the people that it will train to ameliorate, and save their life, and the life of neighbors, it to give them the power to know what decisions they should select for their health future specially at diverse aspects of their life, anybody will join the structure it is won’t be awareness even just for a small knowledge they will achieve, be- cause CareGivers as result it is not provide care but it is Giving care by knowledge, education, training, and that’s how we touch people to give them cares.


CareGivers by the commitment as pre- viously mentioned it is to provide knowl- edge from medical, psychological, psy- chiatric, the mind body concept that are the base of the structure, however we are continue to provide other form of health, and first aid knowledge by work- shop, seminar training session so that the people will be educate, train to save their life and others and reach an ad- vanced state of conscious that medical school or other college do not teach.

From there the people will achieve the capacity to see their lives become bet- ter when they know how to care of it and achieve these state of conscious will al- low them to evolved physically, mental- ly, spiritually, and by their behavior.

Thereby the structure will be a vase whom will contain a large spectrum of partnership who will bring their lumi- nous knowledge to save and preserve life and his essences.