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Our Values

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Concept that are the based on the state of: mind, physics, and well-be- ing, to experience a full development. Many others claim that concept of disease are paired, if there are no disease we are in apparent state of good health and vice versa.

CareGivers give the participant to experience the precedent state of being matched to the old behavior, and the new possibility to appreci- ate the state of health from is complete component.


Knowledge: the notion who will be experimenting our audience to change their behavior, these notion will be part of every session, every training CareGivers will provide to the public because we are believe evolution, development, well-being, life has always been the reflect of knowledge, once you know you are ready to be raise in conscious.


A relational concept include a phenomenon emanating from a source, and the basic component which makes the strength of the structure (knowledge and conscious) power it is the capacity for the audience to choose for them self what is good, what makes them healthy, what can promote their well-being from the global concept.


State that will acquire by the partici- pant once they obtain the knowledge, It is also the capacity the participant will have by the new perception, about their identity, they will experimenting these state of senses to understand their needs their own feelings which includes the subjective apprehension of our experiences and the objective perception of the human reality. .


A Fundamental concept that are made up to describe human is a indivisible whole that we can cannot separate once we are in front of him we should take to account many aspects of his being , the first form of definition is found in the study of the mythological cosmogony, and later has been had on many field. It is the fundamental con- cept that represent the structure of the institution


This is the position the participant will take once he has the knowl- edge and the conscious of he’s life, he is health, those two precedent concept previously named (Knowledge, and Conscious) will give the participant different skills that sets him different from the other group who are not part yet of the commitment. It is also the capacity to lead their wellbeing by themselves


CareGivers place the human being on the center of his action every- thing they will do it is for the blossoming of the inner, and the being that is mean humanism cannot being detach from the different concept like holism, knowledge, and conscious.

People or the human being is in possession of many potentially and in- finite intellectual capacities without mentioning those from the spiritu- al aspect that we are made of, that what we are place the human being in the middle of our work it is to promote the human and is capacity.


There is no most important priority than their health, and wellbeing, their life of a nation, people, or individual, CareGivers is constantly working deeply to promote the health of the people by the whole health knowledge (Holism) this is why our tagline declare it selves from these exceptional approach ( Giving care for a better world.)